Flex Your Idea Muscle

On the latest Social Capitalist webinar, guest James Altucher introduced myGreenlight to what he calls “The Daily Practice,” four steps that put you in the right place to succeed by helping you create better ideas and more energy. It was “The Daily Practice” that picked James back up after each of his failures and ultimately led him to success.

The Daily Practice:

  1. Take care of your physical health. You can’t succeed if you’re sick and out of shape. Eating right and getting physically fit increases your energy and makes it much easier for you to succeed.
  2. Take care of your emotional health/intimate relationships. If you’re in a series of bad relationships or constantly arguing with your family, spouse, or boss you are not going to have the emotional health to find the energy to build a business or succeed.
  3. Mental health – flex your idea muscle. You have to be able to generate ideas and have the confidence that your ideas are good. Building your idea muscle requires practice and time just like building any other kind of muscle.
  4. Spiritual health: Be prepared to surrender and find gratitude. You have to know that there are going to be times that are so difficult you will have to throw up your hands and say to a higher power, “I give up, I need help.” That means surrender to the creative superpower inside of yourself or to a greater power outside of yourself. When you get to the point where you feel like you’ve done all you can, you need to be able to surrender and ask for help. When the help comes you also need to not take it for granted.

James believes that if any of these four things are out of whack you won’t have the energy to successfully put your goals first. They have to be working in conjunction for you to be able to rise up from failure.

Visit James’ blog for a more specific take on how to institute his Daily Practice. Then take this week to try it out!

What tricks do you use to get your ideas and your energy flowing? Share with the group!

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