Who You Are is More Valuable Than You May Think

When the subject of personal currency comes up in our discussions to help people build better relationships with each other, my colleagues and I are sometimes greeted with looks of confusion or worry. I understand. The first time I was faced the question, ‘What do I have to offer?’, I literally broke out into a cold sweat. No matter the depth of our professional prowess, some of us may encounter that question with the internal response “I don’t have anything to offer that would be deemed valuable to someone else.” Not true.  Who you are can be valuable enough.

Inspired by last month’s Social Capitalist call with Heidi Roizen, myGreenlight community members are focused on getting creative with their currency this month. In the process, they’ve been sharing their unique ways of adding value  to other’s lives and proving that it really does boil down to how you personally embody and display the core values of true relationship building: generosity, candor, intimacy and accountability.

myGreenlight Ambassador Charlene DeCesare shared how being generous with her positive energy is a valuable currency that builds up the relationships in her network.

A friend of mine, shared that she is often thanked by co-workers and colleagues for her natural ability to speak with candor and say exactly what she’s feeling and/or thinking in service of making sure that everyone in her office feels respected and cared for.

Another  myGreenlight member shared that after acknowledging a challenging relationship with her boss, she invited her to lunch with no agenda. That turned into mutual information sharing and the revelation that they were having a similar life experience that was causing each stress, which was carrying over into their working relationship. This dialogue created mutual empathy and a commitment to work towards a better working relationship.

I have a knack for listening to the dreams and goals of those in my network and storing it in my mental knowledge bank. My network never has to ask me for accountability. I hold them accountable to what they’ve shared with me, by pairing the continuous flow of information that crosses my path to ideas, inspiration, news and events that my memory bank matches with their goals.

Whatever you do naturally to extend yourself to others is more valuable than you may initially think, so be generous to yourself and accept that giving YOU may be the best currency of all.

Kibibi Springs is myGreenlight’s Community Manager

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