Social Media Today: Is Your CEO Listening to What You Have to Say?

It’s universally acknowledged that developing and nurturing relationships is advantageous, both professionally and personally. The new question however, is – has social media and networking evolved enough to have become a professional must – and on top of that, how best to use it?

This year has shown the incredible power that social media can have. It’s now possible for every person to have a voice, to stand up for what they believe in, and to actually make that voice heard. All around the world, people, young and old, have used this power, from Egypt to Spain, from Libya to the United States.

In the Forbes’ article “Social Power and the Coming Corporate Revolution,” this idea is extended beyond the political and personal context to the corporate one. How can social media affect the way a company is run, or the way employees are expected to interact with clients and coworkers, or even what actions are deemed appropriate for a CEO? According to the author of this article David Kirkpatrick, “in this new world of business, companies and leaders will have to show authenticity, fairness, transparency, and good faith,” because let’s face it, if they go wrong, chances are people are going to find out!

According to John Hagel, from Deloitte’s Center of the Edge, “Trust is built by sharing vulnerability, the more you expose and share your problems, the more successful you become. It’s not about the top executive dictating what needs to be done and when, it’s about providing individuals with the power to connect.”

Has your company gone social? In your own online communications, what percentage of your professional messaging is personal?

Ritu Walia is the Member Coordinator at myGreenlight.

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  1. Hi, it’s Sara from myG. :) Ritu knows this, but in case anyone else is curious, we’re using Salesforce Chatter at myG (having moved over from Yammer before the two were linked…). But I’ve got to say, we haven’t managed to spark a great deal of activity there, perhaps because our company is so small? We are definitely finding it useful to share info and documents across divisions and with our satellite employees, but it’s not really a place where we “chatter” yet.

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