Relationship Roundup

  Kibibi Springs is the myGreenlight Community Manager.

This week’s roundup is focused on managing the online/offline connection balance and knowing when to invest in some face time.

Who’s in Your Room? — Thanks @dgupta5150, for an introduction to Sonar,  an app that now lets you view which of your Linked In connections are in the same location you are.  Now you can take full advantage of the opportunity to spontaneously connect face-to-face with people you’ve attracted to your online network.

Setting the Bar High – When it comes to our business relationships, everyone is in the business of customer service. This week myGreenlight’s Director of Customer Service Kristen Bassick, asks us to take an objective look at our customer service experiences and think about the customer service impressions we leave on those we serve in our careers. Check it out.

Make Time for Face Time.  While online social tools and virtual office arrangements have made it easier to facilitate introductions and get our work done in many ways, online engagement can’t replace the good ol’ handshake, look in the eye and smile that has worked to connect us all for ages. This week’s HBR article The Secret Payoff of Meetings shares the new rules of engagement.

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