5 Ways to Connect with Other myGreenlight Members Before the End of the Year

  Kibibi Springs is the myGreenlight Community Manager.

It’s the fourth quarter countdown. That time of year when most of us are starting to reel in our relaxed summer agendas and get back to the business of progressing our goals. Nothing distinguishes the myGreenlight community more than their generosity towards helping others progress their goals. Your greatest help, best referral and next client could be one myGreenlight member away from reality. If you’re not part of the myGreenlight community, consider what avenues you’ll take to connect with your network in the coming quarter.

As you reestablish your routines for reaching out in your network, add one or more of these five myGreenlight resources to your activity list.

  1. Chat it up! — Hit the Forums to contribute a new conversation or to a fellow member’s conversation.
  2. Network Thoughtfully – myGreenlights’ monthly Social Capitalist call and blogs provides common ground for like minds.
  3. Peer Power – the My Community link puts members in touch with peers from their organization, making collaboration on internal ideas easy to achieve.
  4. Lifeline Groups/Directory – If you’re a Relationship Bootcamp Graduate, you have access to the full myGreenlight Directory. If you haven’t taken the step to form a Lifeline Group, developing a network to support your goals will accelerate your progress.
  5. Be vocal! – Leave something thoughtful for the community to think about and always feel free to reach out and tell me what you’d like from your myGreenlight experience.

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